HPCPL Emulsion

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce HANNANTH Petro Chem Private Limited.
An ISO 9001:2008 Company manufacturing innovative and high quality competitive bitumen and other Modified system under the brand “HPCPL” the company got established this year & work in progress of manufacturing unit for bituminous products. We are having experience of 10 years in bitumen products.

HANNANTH Petro Chem Private Limited. (HPCPL) Manufactures, process and supplies various grades of bitumen, special emulsion and applied products strengthening the road engineering industry of India. The company manufactures innovative, competitive and high quality Bitumen Emulsion (RS-1, RS-2, SS-1, SS-2, MS), Polymer and Crumb Rubber Modified, Industrial & Construction Bitumen, waterproofing & Insulation under the brand “HPCPL”.

HPCPL a manufacturer, process and supplier believe that any production are perfect only when applied properly and for this reason maintain a supervising team for onsite training.

HPCPL has built impressive sales network in many regions. This network has been levered into regional organization, directly accountable to customers they serve and completely focused on delivering superior value. HPCPL has fully recognized the importance of ensuring full compliance with all the relevant legislation for the protection of environment and all has duly taken care for the same.

HPCPL believes that the success and growth of the business can only be achieved by service and an old-fashioned family values approach. Our mission has been to do all that it earns your trust. HPCPL assures that we work hand in hand with leading road consultants and construction authorities to satisfy requirement by bringing to your doorstep advanced solution with the perfect balance of cost result ratio.

We assure best services and quality for our products. For any technical help, feel free to contact us.

HPCPL Bitumen & Modified Bitumen Products – Road Projects Material

  • HPCPL RS-1 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion
  • HPCPL RS-2 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion
  • HPCPL MS   Cationic Bitumen Emulsion
  • HPCPL SS-1 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion
  • HPCPL SS-2 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion
  • HPCPL Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen
  • HPCPL Polymer Modified Bitumen
  • HPCPL Bitumen grade 80/100, 60/70, 85/25, 90/15, 115/15, 30/40.

HPCPL Industrial Bitumen Construction Material

  • HPCPL Expansion Joint filler Board
  • HPCPL Bituminous Primer (Oil & Water Base)
  • HPCPL Bitumen all grades.

HPCPL Waterproofing & Insulation Material

  • HPCPL Bitumen Bond
  • HPCPL Bitumen Plast
  • HPCPL Mastic
  • HPCPL Primer Kote
  • HPCPL Hessian Base Bitumen Felt Roll

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